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American Courtney Ancestors

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Irish Records:

Griffith Valuation - Ireland, 1847-1864

Hearth Rolls - Ireland

Ireland 1901 Census

Ireland 1911 Census

Irish Flax Growers - 1796

Pender's 1659 Census

Tithe Applotments - Ireland 1823-1837


Courtenay Family : Some Branches In America
by William Ashmead Courtenay / Julie Campbell 1964

Courtenay Family Armorial
by Lady Evelyn Courtenay 1896

A Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of Courtenay
by Ezra Cleaveland 1735

The Courtney family.
By Sir Christopher Lloyd Courtney 1967

Courtenay Family by Dr. E Wayne Courtney 1990
Book One -The Chatti
Book Two - The Arnulfings
Book Three – The Gatinais
Book Four – Okehampton

King and Queen County, Virginia by Rev. Alfred Bagby 1908

The Courtney Book by Jack Curtis, part 1
The Courtney Book by Jack Curtis, part 2


Captaine William Courtney - The Second Virginia Charter (May 23, 1609)

Sir William Courtney - Calendar of the State Papers Relating to Ireland ...: Elizabeth, Mar.-Oct. 1600

Tar Heels: A Colonial American Courtney Family by Chuck Courtney

Who Was Robert Courtney's Father? by Chuck Courtney


Courtenay Family Armorial
by Lady Evelyn Courtenay 1896

Courtneys of Glenflisk, County Kerry, Ireland
by Edward F Courtney – donated by Gael Courtney (

Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of Courtenay
by Ezra Cleaveland 1735

Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of Courtenay
Transcribed into Modern English by Stan Courtney 1985

Gertrude Thrift Abstract #3648, Dublin PRO

Gertrude Thrift Abstract #3681, Dublin PRO.

History of Devonshire:
by R N Worth 1895

History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume 6:
Digression on the Family of Courtenay

by Edward Gibbon

History of the Suburbs of Exeter:
by Charles Worthy 1892

Official Baronage of England:
by James E Doyle

Visitation of the County of Cornwall - 1620

Visitation of the County of Devon - 1620

Worthies of Devon:
by John Prince 1810