Questions about your DNA results ?

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I don't understand my DNA results. This is a commonly heard statement. If you don't understand your DNA results and all the strange words, SNPs, STRs, haplogroups how are you to know where to go next as far as research?

1. The Courtney Project has a link to many articles and websites aimed at discussing genetic genealogy. Also listed are over 200 videos: Links to STRs, SNPs, Big Y, Videos

2. Questions can be asked at the Courtney DNA Project on Facebook: Courtney DNA Project – Facebook Page

3. There are 5 admins for the Courtney Project that you can contact for asking questions.

Ann Little ( )

Candace Gregory ( )

John Courtney ( )

Juanita Paull ( )

Stan Courtney ( ) 1-217-971-3892

4. The Courtney Project offers video conferencing (using Zoom) to ask your questions and discuss any topic about genealogy and DNA.

5. Call customer service at 1-713-868-1438

Please remember the only question not answered is the one you do not ask. If one of the admins does not know the answer we can certainly contact other people who manage Projects and find out the answer for you.