Ireland 1901 Census – County Fermanagh

– National Archives of Ireland

Surname Forename Townland/Street DED County Age Sex
Mc Court Bridget Agharillymaud Agharillymaud Fermanagh 22 F
Mc Court Catherine Agharillymaud Agharillymaud Fermanagh 54 F
Mc Court Hugh Agharillymaud Agharillymaud Fermanagh 70 M
Mc Court Hugh Agharillymaud Agharillymaud Fermanagh 17 M
Mc Court Kate Agharillymaud Agharillymaud Fermanagh 26 F
Mc Court Patrick Agharillymaud Agharillymaud Fermanagh 24 M
Mc Court Thomas Agharillymaud Agharillymaud Fermanagh 20 M
McCourt Bridget Clonfane Agharillymaud Fermanagh 18 F
McCourt Bridget Clonfane Agharillymaud Fermanagh 30 F
McCourt Francis Clonfane Agharillymaud Fermanagh 8 M
McCourt Hugh Clonfane Agharillymaud Fermanagh 45 M
McCourt Isabella Clonfane Agharillymaud Fermanagh 56 F
McCourt John Clonfane Agharillymaud Fermanagh 0 M
McCourt Maggie J Clonfane Agharillymaud Fermanagh 5 F
McCourt Mary Kate Clonfane Agharillymaud Fermanagh 12 F
McCourt Thomas Clonfane Agharillymaud Fermanagh 3 M
Courtenay Mary Aghantra Aghyoule Fermanagh 26 F
Courtney Anabella Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 7 F
Courtney Catherine Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 40 F
Courtney George Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 12 M
Courtney Hamilton Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 1 M
Courtney Henry Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 70 M
Courtney Hugh Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 4 M
Courtney James Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 5 M
Courtney Jane Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 18 F
Courtney Margaret Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 15 F
Courtney Rebecca Jane Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 16 F
Courtney Thomas Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 51 M
Courtney Thomas Keeranbeg Armagh Manor Fermanagh 9 M
Mc Court Hugh Drumliff Bellisle Fermanagh 34 M
Mc Court James Drumliff Bellisle Fermanagh 48 M
Mc Court Susan Drumliff Bellisle Fermanagh 76 F
Mc Court Dinah Cloonatreane Cuilcagh Fermanagh 75 F
Mc Court Isiaac Cloonatreane Cuilcagh Fermanagh 85 M
Courtney Frances Clonaroo Derrysteaton Fermanagh 31 F
Courtney Isabella Kilgarrow Derrysteaton Fermanagh 21 F
Courtney John Kilgarrow Derrysteaton Fermanagh 69 M
Courtney Lizzie Kilgarrow Derrysteaton Fermanagh 14 F
McCourt Robert High Street Enniskillen Urban Fermanagh 14 M
McCourt James Mill Street Enniskillen Urban Fermanagh 28 M
McCourt Sarah Water Street Enniskillen Urban Fermanagh 30 F
McCourt Andrew Drumderg Florencecourt Fermanagh 83 M
McCourt Edith Elizabeth Drumderg Florencecourt Fermanagh 3 F
McCourt Elizabeth Drumderg Florencecourt Fermanagh 78 F
McCourt John Drumderg Florencecourt Fermanagh 28 M
McCourt Lizzie Drumderg Florencecourt Fermanagh 23 F
McCourt Wm Henry Drumderg Florencecourt Fermanagh 36 M
McCourt Wm Robert Drumderg Florencecourt Fermanagh 2 M
McCourt Charlott Blunnick Gortahurk Fermanagh 50 F
Mc Court George Blunnick Gortahurk Fermanagh 4 M
Mc Court Hugh Blunnick Gortahurk Fermanagh 40 M
Mc Court John Blunnick Gortahurk Fermanagh 14 M
McCourt John Blunnick Gortahurk Fermanagh 100 M
Mc Court Mary Jane Blunnick Gortahurk Fermanagh 34 F
Mc Court Robert Blunnick Gortahurk Fermanagh 10 M
Mc Court Thomas Blunnick Gortahurk Fermanagh 6 M
Mc Court William H Blunnick Gortahurk Fermanagh 12 M
Mc Court Francis John Clontycora Inishmore Fermanagh 0 M
McCourt John Clontycora Inishmore Fermanagh 58 M
McCourt Joseph Clontycora Inishmore Fermanagh 55 M
McCourt Kate Clontycora Inishmore Fermanagh 53 F
Mc Court Michael Clontycora Inishmore Fermanagh 40 M
McCourt Patrick Clontycora Inishmore Fermanagh 60 M
McCourt Rose Clontycora Inishmore Fermanagh 46 F
Mc Court Rose Anne Clontycora Inishmore Fermanagh 24 F
Mc Court Barnard Tully Inishmore Fermanagh 70 M
Mc Court Jarard Tully Inishmore Fermanagh 35 M
Mc Court Margaret Farnacurky Kilmore Fermanagh 65 F
Courtney Agnes Lisnaskea Lisnaskee Fermanagh 34 F
Courtney Charles Lisnaskea Lisnaskee Fermanagh 6 M
Courtney Francis Lisnaskea Lisnaskee Fermanagh 32 M
Courtney Francis Lisnaskea Lisnaskee Fermanagh 8 M
Courtney James Lisnaskea Lisnaskee Fermanagh 4 M
Courtney Sarah Ellen Lisnaskea Lisnaskee Fermanagh 2 F
Courtney William Lisnaskea Lisnaskee Fermanagh 9 M
McCourt Annie Curryanne Maguiresbridge Fermanagh 19 F
McCourt Hugh Patk Curryanne Maguiresbridge Fermanagh 13 M
McCourt John Curryanne Maguiresbridge Fermanagh 34 M
McCourt Margaret Curryanne Maguiresbridge Fermanagh 50 F
McCourt Mary Cath Curryanne Maguiresbridge Fermanagh 15 F
Courtney Henry (File 2 of Aghagay) Newtownbutler Fermanagh 34 M
Courtney James (File 2 of Aghagay) Newtownbutler Fermanagh 60 M
Courtney Martha (File 2 of Aghagay) Newtownbutler Fermanagh 26 F
Courtney Sarah (File 2 of Aghagay) Newtownbutler Fermanagh 57 F
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